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Real Estate Hotels Motels Florida Commercial Properties Sales

For Sale, Florida Real Estate, Off Market Properties. 

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COMMERCIAL SALES - Investors Seeking Commercial Florida Real Estate. Investments In Florida Properties. Cash Sale Transactions.

I am a licensed Real Estate Broker with Tedco Realty, Inc. who is an independent Florida Commercial Real Estate Brokerage. I am also committed to provide my outstanding service and value to buyers, sellers, investors seeking long or short-termed investments in Florida.

Cash Sale Transactions, Investing In Florida Properties. For Commercial Investors Seeking Florida Real Estate.

Florida Hotel For Sales, Our Services, For Florida Hotels, Motels Investments. Daniel L. Tedesco, Attorney, Broker, Tedco Realty, Inc. .

Business Parks, Office Parks, Class A, B, C Investments, Commercial Real Estate. Daniel L. Tedesco, Florida Broker.

I have been trained into four disciplines of fraud: Fraud Examination and Investigation, Criminology and Ethics, Financial Transactions, and Legal Elements of Fraud. You can be assured that your investments are safeguarded by me.

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