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Services & Listings

Services & Listings

Telephone: +1 954 882 4252

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I am a licensed Real Estate Broker with Tedco Realty, Inc. who is an independent commercial real estate brokerage agency, committed to providing outstanding service and value to both buyers, sellers and investors.

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I work with both foreign and domestic investors who are playing a big role in the Florida Real Estate Markets. I have developed relationships with lenders, inspectors and a wide range of commercial real estate professionals.

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Best Areas To Invest

Our Services - We focus on commercial real estate ti include hotels, with related emphasis on warehousing, retail, office, restaurant and shopping centers.

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Buyers from around the country and globe see the value, safety and security of investing in the USA, and especially Florida. Contact Me at T +1 954 882 4252.

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U.S Visa information

Read About Obtaining a USA Visa. I am interested in meeting and providing high quality real estate services for sellers and buyers of commercial real estate with and emphasis on hotels and hospitality properties in and out of the State Of Florida.

Language Section,

8 Different Languages For Foreign Investors. I offer Off Market Listing, Cash Transactions For Florida Hotels, Office Buildings, Multi Family or Storage Facilities. These are considered Long or short term investments in Florida real estate.