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Land Trust And Best Areas To Invest In Florida.

Land Trust And Best Areas To Invest In Florida.

The places I have named here are among the most affordable places to live in Florida now and in 2016. There are still a few places in Florida that are affordable and safe, but they are disappearing quickly.

Off Market Listing, Cash Transactions For Florida Hotels, Office Buildings, Multi Family Dwellings or Storage Facilities. Many investors are starting to consider investing into the Florida's hotels and motels. Both long or short term investments are fueling these Florida real estate markets.

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Florida Real Estate, Land Trust.

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Florida Land Trust Information.

Florida Land Trust Information For Foreign Investors. Florida Statutes, 689.071. This section may be cited as the Florida Land Trust Act. For both foreigners and U.S. citizens, Florida Land Trusts, are a legal entity to hold title to real estate in Florida. The law concerning land trusts varies from state to state. Florida is one of only two states in the nation that has a specific statute governing land trusts. The specific statute governing land trusts in Florida can be found at Florida Statutes Chapter 689.

Some Of The Advantages Of The Florida Land Trust Are: Non-resident aliens can put U.S. real estate in land trusts and avoid U.S. gift and estate taxes by holding their trust interests in the name of a foreign holding corporation or partnership.

Mortgage financing on land trust property does not become a personal obligation of the trust beneficiary, unless the lender specifically requires a personal guarantee from the beneficiary.

Transferring the interest in the real estate becomes easier and less costly to accomplish. The trust beneficiary can transfer effective ownership of the realty by assigning his interest in the trust to another party, rather than by having to execute and record a deed to the real property.

Members of the public can deal with the trustee as the owner of the property and by law not have to inquire about the extent of his powers or the interests of the beneficiaries. The beneficiary's spouse has no marital claim on the real estate in trust and does not have to join in conveying the property.


Land trusts can assist with a "gifting" program in connection with estate planning. A land trust beneficiary can transfer fractional portions of his interest as multiple gifts to different recipients over time, at a discounted valuation, thereby reducing the size of his taxable estate at death.



Southeast Florida

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Commercial Real Estate Florida Sales

Palm Beach, County

Palm Beach County Commercial Real Estate. - Palm Beach is a well-to-do town on the east coast of Florida, adjacent to the larger city of West Palm Beach. Culturally known in many ways as the playground of the rich and famous; it is indeed a place full of oceanfront luxury resorts, upscale shopping centers, beautiful landscaping and architecture, nightlife opportunities, and dozens of stately mansions housing its wealthiest residents.

Commercial Real Estate Florida Sales


Miami-Dade County Commercial Real Estate - Miami is a major city in the south-eastern United States and the second most populous city in Florida. The Miami metropolitan area is the largest in the state with an estimated population of over 5.4 million (2007), which makes it the 7th most populous metro area in the United States. Due to being sandwiched in by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Everglades to the west, the Miami metropolitan area is a lengthy 110 mi(180 km) north to south, but never more than 20 mi (32 km) east to west. Miami is 20 miles from Fort Lauderdale, 106 miles from Naples (Florida) and 156 miles from Key West.

Central Florida

Commercial Real Estate Florida Sales

Orlando, Orange County

Orlando, Orange County Commercial Real Estate - Orlando is a large city located in Orange County, Florida. Orlando, for most people, conjures up the image of theme parks, mainly Walt Disney World, but it has a lot more to offer than that. (In fact, Disney World is not in Orlando, but is in nearby Lake Buena Vista). With the estimated 52 million tourists a year, Orlando and many other areas in the region have developed a lot to offer the less theme park minded (or theme park exhausted) traveler. Other cities in the metropolitan area include Altamonte Springs, Davenport, Kissimmee, and Winter Park.

Commercial Real Estate Florida Sales

Jacksonville, NE Florida

Jacksonville, Florida Commercial Real Estate - Jacksonville arguably occupies one of the most coveted spots on the Atlantic coast. The city is located in the Northeast Florida region, about 25 miles (40 km) south of the Georgia state line and about 340 miles (547 km) north of Miami. Set amongst abundant beaches and possessing an ideal subtropical climate, its crown jewel is the unique habitat and natural beauty of the St. Johns River. For this reason "The River City" is a popular nickname associated with Jacksonville. It is also the westernmost city on the Eastern Seaboard.

WestCoast Florida

Commercial Real Estate Florida Sales

Naples, Sarasota

Naples, Florida Commercial Real Estate - Sunny Naples is a popular, sophisticated and charming beach destination on the Gulf of Mexico. It boasts many world-class hotels and resorts along miles of white sand beaches. The ocean surf is gentle and the people are friendly. Shoppers delight in searching for antiques, home furnishings, clothes and jewelry. With its beautiful neighborhoods and grand architecture, the atmosphere is elegant, yet relaxing. Sports enthusiasts spend glorious days pursuing their favorite activity, from golf to tennis to fishing. There are restaurants to suit every taste and budget. Even though it is a busy and cosmopolitan city, Naples offers easy access to secluded islands and the wilderness of the Everglades.

Commercial Real Estate Florida Sales

Saint Petersburg, Tampa

St. Petersburg, Florida Commercial Real Estate - The sun almost always shines on St. Petersburg, the "Sunshine City" that enjoys an average of 361 days of clear skies per year. Combine that with 244 miles of glimmering coastline along Tampa Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, Boca Ciega Bay and the intra coastal waterways and you have one hot beach destination. One of Florida most affordable investment areas.

Hotels, Motels

Off Market Listing, Cash Transactions For Florida Hotels. Many investors are starting to consider investing into the Florida's hotels and motels. Long or short term investments are fueling these Florida real estate markets.

Apartments, Condos

Florida, Office, Business Parks, Class A, B, C, Investments. In the United States, Commercial real estate office buildings, parks are typically put into one of three property classes. Each "class" of properties has a letter grade.

Office Buildings

Florida, Off Market Office Buildings. Florida, New York and Alabama were considered the top three states with the highest percentage of buyers paying with cash for office buildings instead of taking out loans or mortgages.

Multifamily, Storage

Multifamily, Storage Facilities Investment are for individuals, partnerships who have their own capital at risk for the purpose of building personal wealth. Their goals to maximizing investment value of these properties.

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